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The Meds IQ Champions’ Network is a community of professionals with interest and passion for paediatric medication safety, working together to share knowledge and practice. We work in partnership with healthcare institutions in the UK and abroad to facilitate communication and cooperation across key professional groups involved in child healthcare delivery – paediatricians, GPs, children’s nurses and paediatric pharmacists.

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About QI Central

Welcome to QI Central, our online College portal for Quality Improvement. The RCPCH has recognised and fully endorsed the concept of Quality Improvement encompassing Clinical Audit as tools to improve the experience and outcomes of the children and families we care for. This resource was developed to support the college in delivering the core principles of quality improvement described in our Quality Improvement Strategy document which are:

Leadership: Being at the forefront of quality improvement in paediatrics and child health, supporting its members and the wider child health workforce to be individual leaders.

Engagement: with everyone involved in the health and wellbeing of infants, children and young people in the delivery of this framework, co-producing solutions with children, young people, their parents and carers. The RCPCH will engage and support partner organisations including healthcare providers and specialty groups.

Support and Education: Enabling and supporting existing networks, collaboratives, specialty groups and initiatives in paediatric and child health, providing wider opportunities to develop and share best practice and a robust quality improvement education programme.

Monitoring and Improvement: Using robust monitoring and evaluation activity to ensure the framework is delivered, refined, and approved as appropriate.

Evidence Based: The RCPCH will ensure that all activity is evidence-based (i.e. informed by robust research and, where appropriate, practice-informed consensus). Quality improvement activity will also contribute to setting research priorities.

As this portal develops and content is added, we expect this to be an important resource for anyone working with children and families considering a Quality Improvement project. As a first step and very much in the spirit of co-producing solutions, we will publish Quality Improvement projects carried out by our members and our patients that have been submitted to us. Submitted projects will be peer reviewed against a clear set of criteria before publication.

This is a resource in the process of development. Please feel free to support us with ideas, advice and suggestions. As a QI related project, we expect to have to make changes as we learn!


About Meds IQ

Medication errors are a significant but preventable cause of harm to children and young people. Meds IQ aims to bring together tools and improvement projects that have been developed to address this problem. It is our vision that child health professionals will be able to use this resource to support their own improvement work and learn from the experiences of others. At the same time, Meds IQ is bringing together organisations across the UK and beyond to ensure that medication safety remains a priority for paediatric research and practice.

Clearly there are many high-risk, high-cost areas of medication safety that require a high-quality evidence base to be developed. At the same time there are many low cost, common sense strategies that can be shared, hopefully with a view to developing national guidance and endorsement for such approaches. We believe Meds IQ can provide a forum for this.

Meds IQ focuses on three key areas of medication safety: safe prescribing, medicine administration and engaging patients, parents and carers.  We recognise that this does not cover all steps in the medication process and we hope in time to widen our remit.

We hope that visitors to this site will be inspired to take time to browse through the different tools that can be used to improve medication safety and will also read and learn from the different projects showcased here. We have links to resources for developing skills in quality improvement methodology and e-learning resources. Since this is a new project and a new website, we would welcome all feedback.

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Meds IQ - Sharing QI resources for paediatric medicines safety

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