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Consulting with children and young people

Course summary

This e-learning programme aims to support pharmacy professionals in England with their development of consultation skills. There is a big movement in pharmacy for professionals to improve their consultations skills. This programme supports this process by getting you to consider how it might be different with children and young people.

Aims and objectives

The aim of this programme is to focus on the key skills and behaviours you can adopt to make sure you communicate effectively with children and young people and manage the triadic consultation effectively. This can then lead to an improvement in health outcomes and promote ownership of health for those you meet by integrating a patient-centred approach.


The e-learning programme is hosted on the CPPE website and is split into 6 sections. You can download the programme onto your mobile device(s) where your progress can be saved and picked up as suits.There is an assessment related to this and the consultation skills programme which will round up your learning.

Learning outcomes

On completion of all aspects of this learning programme you should be able to:

  • describe the benefits of involving children and young people in the consultation
  • recognise and address the challenges of the triadic consultation
  • describe the skills and techniques needed to engage children and young people successfully in the consultation
  • apply the skills, knowledge and behaviours to demonstrate a patient-centred approach when consulting with children and young people
  • complete a self-reflection checklist to support you in developing your practice.
Quality assurance/MHRA Registration

All CPPE programmes undergo a rigorous QA process with highly skills learning development pharmacists and national topic experts to check for clinical accuracy.All CPPE programmes are funded by NHS Health Education England.