Meds IQ | E-Learning | Safe prescribing

Safe prescribing teaching and assessment at RMCH

Course summary

The course covers good prescribing practice teaching, worked examples and a test. Currently package is tailored for Central Manchester Foundation Trust (CMFT) and our prescribing documentation. A plug in needs to be installed first before this program can be used.Please contact me directly at if you wish to use the program.

Aims and objectives

The key aim is to provide good quality teaching to candidates and to ensure they are familiar with good prescribing practice, local trust documentation e.g. drug charts, trust antibiotic guidelines etc. in addition to the use of national reference sources such as BNFC.


The learning content includes legal prescribing standards, CMFT specific prescribing standards, good prescribing practice such as prescribing doses in mg where possible rather than ml, why children are not "small adults", examples of real life prescribing errors. Teaching and worked examples components provide interactive question styles such as drag and drop and free text answers. Both provide feedback of model answers

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes include the candidate underestanding good prescribing practice, familiarisation with local guidelines and understanding how to use national resources.

Quality assurance/MHRA Registration

Approved by local Trust and has been mandatory (paper version since August 2010). The e-learning teaching and assessment platform was went live in February 2013.