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QI Webinar: January 30th, 2020

CATCh-uS Before We Fall

Transitional Care for Young Adults with ADHD

Join us in the first of an exciting new webinar series in collaboration with colleagues from the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit.

This webinar will present the results of the first in-depth study on the transfer of care of patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) from child to adult health services in the UK.

The study objectives were to explore..

QI Blog: November 2019

The Power of Networks

Paediatric training can sometimes feel like a one-way track, heading towards the end destination of ST8. We work in busy environments, often with gaps on rotas, focusing on the ward and the acute care we provide, involved in departmental audit work but not beyond this. As an ST4 in general paediatrics the Health Education England (HEE) leadership post I am currently undertaking has been a huge eye opener into the vast work going on behind the scenes of not only the running of a paediatric department, but maintaining services across a region.

QI Blog: October 2019

Our Collaborative Community

As a paediatric trainee, quality improvement had meant only a small project undertaken independently and time-limited by the change of rotations every 6 months. In later years, as I joined the College team co-ordinating the dissemination and spread of safety huddles through the S.A.F.E programme and the establishment of the Diabetes QI Collaborative, the letters ‘QI’ had begun to embody much more than PDSA cycles, process mapping and driver diagrams alone.

RCPCH EQIP - a QI collaborative project pilot for paediatric epilepsy teams is open for applications!

Following the success of our QI collaborative pilot in diabetes (which has since developed into a scaled up national programme), we are now launching the first QI collaborative in paediatric epilepsy care, as part of the Epilepsy12 clinical audit activities and in partnership with the OPEN UK network.  

Medicines for Children and WellChild have developed a prototype app to help parents manage their children’s medications safely

The Medicines for Children team are pleased to announce that ‘Version 1’ of their new medicines management app is now ready for stress-testing by a select group of parents and families from WellChild.