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Global Paediatric Lecture Series - Alder Hey Children's Hospital

The Gobal Paediatric Lecture Series is an initiative by Alder Hey Children’s Hospital with the aim of promoting medical education and knowledge across the globe to benefit the care and wellbeing of children and young people all over the world. 

COVID19: Changes in Community Settings

Community Settings and COVID-19: Call For Submissions

How has your community paediatrics service adapted to COVID-19, and which changes will be incorporated into your work for the remainder of the pandemic and beyond?  

The RCPCH and BACCH are asking services to submit the innovations, ideas and new approaches that have been most helpful to their practice during this time.

COVID19: Reopening Outpatient Services

Results of the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit's snapshot survey on delayed access to care and late presentations in children during the COVID-19 pandemic has been published in Archives of Disease in Childhood here.

COVID19: Digital Solutions for Engagement

Children and young people are experiencing the impact of COVID-19, and lockdown, in many ways - from their education to staying at home with family, from the way they access health and support services to their emotional health and wellbeing. The voices of children and young people are central to recovery planning, and the RCPCH is compiling studies across the UK that focus on the experiences and insights of children and young people here.

COVID19: NHS England and NHS Improvement Survey

NHS England and NHS Improvement have issued an Operating Framework for Urgent and Planned Services in Hospital Settings During COVID-19 to support bringing back delivery of urgent clinical services and important routine diagnostics and planned surgery. The framework covers: