QI Central – a new, QI online hub at RCPCH coming this autumn!

We have a few updates for you this autumn, starting with the most exciting piece of news: in November 2018, Meds IQ will become a part of a larger family of quality improvement resources on a new website called QI Central! Apart from Meds IQ, the new site will host the following topic sites: Patient Safety, Processes of Care and Patient Engagement.


As a registered Meds IQ user, you will be able to continue to use the same features and access the same content you have always had. If you’re a registered Meds IQ Champion, you will still be invited to participate in our webinars. The only difference is that, starting from the next one, your bulletin will include news items not limited to medication safety.


We hope that you will enjoy the new site – other than Meds IQ, you will now be able to submit and download a wide array of examples of quality improvement projects and patient engagement tools and find out about the latest quality improvement work at RCPCH.