Resources Marketplace - June


This month we have had a number of new resources uploaded to Meds IQ.


As always, we love to hear what you have been up to in your Trust, so if you have a project or tool you would like to share please visit the Meds IQ homepage    





DIY Health (0-5): Co-producing solutions to managing minor ailments

Weekly sessions co-facilitated by a Health Visitor and an Adult Learning Specialist with local Children’s Centres support.


Junior Doctor Led and Owned Patient Safety– Medication Error Reduction in an acute tertiary neurosciences ward

Engaging the junior doctor workforce in implementing/ sustaining culture change and learning/ feedback among peers in a safe, facilitated environment.


Video simulation to improve guidelines against Never Events – High strength potassium infusion

Simulation using video feedback can test and improve complex guidelines, especially those rarely used high risk medication.


Patient safety improvement project - Prescription of intravenous fluid for administration in children

A local guideline and a patient safety improvement project to ensure adherence to guidelines in prescribing IV fluids.