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This month we have had a number of new resources uploaded to Meds IQ.


As always, we love to hear what you have been up to in your Trust, so if you have a project or tool you would like to share please visit the Meds IQ homepage    






Neonatal IV Guide

Safely giving injectable medicines to premature neonates often requires access to appropriate information detailing how to prepare and administer aliquots from adult preparations


36 hour Gentamicin Calculator

This is a simple Excel based calculator that can be used to calculate the time intervals for gentamicin administration at 36 hour intervals in the neonatal setting.


Adjustable Dosing Insulin Prescribing Chart

The aim was to develop a prescription chart which would enable all doctors to understand and safely prescribe variable dose insulin regimens to patients using both subcutaneous injections and insulin pumps.




Peer Support Project Leading to Decrease in Errors

The project aims to create a supportive and friendly environment to learn from drug errors and ensure patient safety, as usually junior doctors are intimidated to share and learn from these experiences.


Infusion Standardisation

Project aims to stablish a national standard for the administration of commonly prescribed medication infusions.