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Meds IQ Champions' Network has launched

On September 30th, an unusual gathering took place in London. Around 70 child health specialists – paediatricians, pharmacists and nurses – spent the better part of the day, discussing how they could best work together to improve paediatric medicines safety in the UK.


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Become a Meds IQ Champion!

In September, Meds IQ is launching a medicines safety Network of Champions - a community of practice, working together to share latest innovation in paediatric medicines safety and enable it to reach wider audiences.

If you're a child health professional with an interest in quality improvement and medicines safety, join us and help us to ensure that innovation and good practice are shared to improve prescribing and reduce medication error.

We're organising a Network launch on September 30th, 12 - 4.30pm in London.

How can you use Meds IQ in your ePortfolio and Continuing Professional Development?

The below section explains how implementation of Quality Improvement activities, many examples of which may be found on this website, can be used in your ePortfolio and to support your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


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