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Medicines for Children and WellChild have developed a prototype app to help parents manage their children’s medications safely

The Medicines for Children team are pleased to announce that ‘Version 1’ of their new medicines management app is now ready for stress-testing by a select group of parents and families from WellChild. 

Spotlight on a new project

See the latest project published on QI Central: Augmenting the safety netting process & reducing unnecessary re-presentations from Dr Sebastian Gray, Salisbury District Hospital.

Meds IQ Champion Webinar

Our guest speakers were Dr Reena Basu and Dr Mathew Mathai from Bradford Teaching Hospital with their fantastic presentation on setting up ACE – the Ambulatory Care Experience – aiming to improve the quality of patient experience and lower pressure on A&E services. 

We experienced some technical difficulty during the webinar so we apologise the recording isn’t perfect, but we hope it’s useful and enjoyable nonetheless.

Watch it here:

RCPCH Conference 2019 - QI Highlights

Below you can find summaries and some slidesets from the QI sessions we organised at the RCPCH annual conference this year: 

Situation Awareness for Everyone S.A.F.E is now available as online training!

If you haven’t had the chance to participate in the original S.A.F.E programme, nor its dissemination and spread events, you can now do the training with your team by watching our video tutorials with Dr Peter Lachman and downloading the project toolkit! Find out more about the training from this short video: