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Infusion Standardisation

Project aims to stablish a national standard for the administration of commonly prescribed medication infusions. 

The problem

Weight based dosing & dilution of continuously infused medications is error prone, innacurate, inefficient and incompatible with future technology developments. 

  • Agree standardised infusion concentrations for a core set of the 20 most commonly infused drugs in neonates, children & young people. 
  • Standardised approach to paediatric drug infusions across UK
  • Reduced prescribing errors
  • Reduced administration errors 
Making the case for change

There is clear evidence int he literature of the high incidence of errors generated with current weight based practice.Queensland, Australia, have already achieved a fully standardised approach to medication infusions across all neonatal and paedtric centres and have demonstrated a reduction in medication incidents.MiST was set up by a small group of clinician's who value quality and safety above competition and regulation. It provides a forum to share initiatives, ideas and outcomes and learn from one another. Key areas of interest are currently reducing IV line complications and reducing medication incidents.The case for achieving a standardised approach in the UK is clear from the above. The MiST group aims to establish a national standard for administering commonly prescribed medication infusions in the UK.

Your improvement

The project's leads are undertaking consultations with key clinicians across the UK representing the broad practice of neonates & paediatric medicine. This consultation will identify the highest priority medications and gather the key requirements of the various constituencies. A first pass set of standards will be drawn up from the data gathered which will then be recirculated to all parties for futher comment.

Learning and next steps

A final consensus meeting will be hosted by MiST in Manchester on 24 Februry 2017. All welcome to attend and contrubute to agreement of final standard.Key challenge is persuading all parties to compromise on infusion volumes in order to minimise errors introduced by multiple preparations formulated to optimise across age (weight) range.Our key strength is the determination of the project team and the evidence that this can be achieved (in Queensland, Australia) 

Quality assurance/MHRA Registration

Key stakeholders in this project are Neonatal & Paediatric Pharmacists Group, Paediatric Chief Pharmacists Group (PCPG), RCPCH and MedsIQ!