Meds IQ | Safe Prescribing | Prescribing errors

Prescribing support and assessment for junior doctors rotating through child health

An induction talk for FY1/2 and SHOS, including questions to check they can prescribe and feel confident in doing so.

The problem

Junior doctors often make prescribing errors and don't always receive training in paediatric prescribing.


To support junior doctors in safe prescribing for children. To check they are able to do so.

Making the case for change

I brought it into induction for all juniors rotating through child health.

Your improvement

Over years we demonstrated improvement in prescribing ablilty with increased scores. Sustained by doing it in induction programme.

Learning and next steps

Work with pharmacists. Be enthusiastic. Didnt blame but supported drs with problems. HAve a few people who can deliver this in person, the friendly touch helps; juniors then see you think its important and not just another electronic tick box.

Quality assurance/MHRA Registration

Our local health board are supportive of our work and it was presented at RCPCH scientific meeting .