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Clinic Calculator

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Calculating ages from 2 dates is necessary when plotting growth charts or occasionally when prescribing medicines. This is not always easy as calendar months are different lengths, and sometimes you have to correct for gestational age if babies were born premature. Clinic calculator does this for you.


As a consultant paediatrician I see babies regularly in clinic and have to monitor and track their growth. For this an accurate age is necessary. Clinic Calculator calculates the age from 2 dates and a gestational age at birth.


This is an android app. It is a single screen app, with easy to use buttons to select date of birth, clinic date and a gestational age. It reports decimal age (useful in endocrinology) as well as chronological age in days, weeks, months and years. It will correct ages for babies born premature along RCPCH guidelines.


It has been on the market for over 5 years now with one complaint, which was rectified. It has 4 star feedback.

Challenges and learning

I have found no big challenges.

Quality assurance/MHRA registration

It is not formally endorsed