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Gentamicin chart

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We identified 36 hourly dosing of gentamicin was difficult to prescribe on standard charts, resulting in multiple prescribing errors surrounding administration times in neonatal and post-natal prescription for suspected or confirmed sepsis. Different units were trying various strategies, including excel-based calculators producing a printed description.


To develop a standardised way to safely prescribe and administer gentamicin to neonates.


The tool has been implemented but not yet assessed in terms of a reduction in the rates of errors.


The prescription chart is now in use in the trust for gentamicin. An error reduction rate has not yet been assessed.

Suggestions for further implementation

We are adding 'day' column as well as date to further clarify administration times. We also advise all staff to avoid midnight/midday prescription times as these can add confusion.

Challenges and learning

We can now look at error numbers according to incident reports but difficult to compare to previous as no IT reporting system in place when the tool was first launched.

Quality assurance/MHRA registration

Information coming soon.

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