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Leicester Children’s Emergency Department Drug Calculator

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Need to print out a prescription compliant chart of the drugs needed to manage the critically unwell child.


Provide a template that works as both an aide-memoir and a prescription aide for health care professionals receiving ill or injured children into the resuscitation area.


An excel file which allows inputting of an age (or known weight) to enable the key critical care drugs and infusions to be calculated.


The excel file can be reached directly by a link placed on the Emergency Department laptops. This provides a one-click solution. The age can be inputted and the chart printed off.

Suggestions for further implementation

Could be used in ‘realtime’ as well on the wards but access to printing may be problematic .

Challenges and learning

Biggest challenge is awareness. Those who have used do so on a regular basis and find it convenient. Trying to find and print in a hurry when not done so before tends to result in increased delays.

Quality assurance/MHRA registration

This has not been registered with the MHRA but has been approved by the Chief Paediatric Pharmacist at UHL.