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Medication Incident Operational Definition

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This document was written to provide a standard for reporting medication incidents, graded using the MERP tool to the MiST collaborative.


Adherence to this method allows tracking of actual patient harm, secondary to MIs, from individual units.


This is a simple guideline providing a standard method for MI data collection and reporting.

Denominator data is not included at the current time for practical reasons. Therefore it will provide comparative data within units but not between units.


Guideline shared with MiST collaborators. It is regarded as open source and therefore free for anyone else to use. New collaborators looking at the tool would be welcome to join MiST.

Suggestions for further implementation

Development of methodology to provide denominator data in order to support inter-centre comparisons.

Challenges and learning

The tool still in early implementation stage.

Quality assurance/MHRA registration