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Neonatal electronic dose calculator (Acute Neonatal Transport Service)

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The electronic dose calculator was designed as an easy to use tool that doctors and nursing staff  working in the East of England Acute Neonatal Transport Service would use to provide a quick guide to doses of emergency drugs that a neonate may need.


The dose calculator allows prescribing of neonatal doses to be undertaken more safely. The aim is to reduce risk of dose calculation errors.


The tool is based in an excel spreadsheet, where the users only have access to enter data into five cells for the baby name, call number, baby weight, their date of birth and date that the sheet was created. When printed, a single page is produced which contains pre-calculated doses of common emergency drugs and other neonatal drugs where calculations may be tricky e.g neonatal drug infusions.


The drug calculator has been adapted several times since it was first implemented. It needed to be a quick tool for users to use and also contain information that was relevant and important for the users.

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