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Neonatal Medicine Management App

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Health Education England has a responsibility to ensure that NHS employees are available with the right skills and knowledge to deliver excellent health and patient care.


Safe and effective administration of medicines to neonates requires a combination of professional competence, best available evidence and partnership with each medicine administration event being viewed in the context of the total care of the neonate. The need for an interactive and instructional Neonatal Drug Calculations mobile app is due to the complex calculations often required for neonatal dosages, which if wrongly administered would be potentially harmful.


To enable both the Registered and Non-Registered Workforce across Health Education Thames Valley and Wessex to demonstrate ability to check accuracy and to be able to deliver safely, therapeutic drug dosages as prescribed.

Able to use formulae to calculate drug dosages and intravenous infusions for neonates.

Demonstrate knowledge of  our own professional accountability and responsibility.

Able to use the metric system and a variety of concentrations.

Identify measures to prevent blood borne infections developing in neonates requiring intravenous therapy.


This is a downloadable mobile learning app for Apple and Android handheld devices (please watch the Youtube video for more information).

This App contains instructional content and interactive practice exercises such as; the metric system, expressing concentrations, drug dosages, Intravenous Infusions, importance of double checking, preventing infection and a 10 question quiz at the end (pass mark 100%).

It can also be used as a reference for neonatal drug formulas and used as part of an education learning tool for Neonatal Medicines Management.


Focus Groups, involving pre-registration students and service users, evaluated the tool.

The use of marketing posters and leaflets disseminated to all Neonatal Units and Maternity Units. Video marketing and promotion at study days/meetings.

Some focus group members felt they were tested, not the App.

No data, but reports administration and calculation errors improved.

Suggestions for further implementation

Yes the tool has been used by pre-registration nurses, neonatal nurses, midwives and paediatric nurses. It could be further adapted to facilitate trainee medical staff and Pharmacists.

Challenges and learning

Support from the Lead Nurses/ Practice educators within the Network and Health Education Wessex E –Learning Team.

Support from the Thames Valley and Wessex Neonatal Network.

A good marketing strategy and clear, concise information about the production and key aims and objectives of the App from the beginning of the project.

Quality assurance/MHRA registration

Approved by all Trust within the network. All Trusts have a PC version on their E- learning Platforms