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PN for Children (leaflet)

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The leaflet was developed to give patients, parents and carers some basic and consistent information about the Parenteral Nutrition that they were receiving. The leaflet was developed as part of a Junior Doctor Project looking at improving information sharing to Parent’s of Children receiving Parenteral Nutrition.


To provide the patient / carer information regarding provision of parenteral nutrition which is visually attractive and easy to understand.


The information would hopefully answer most of the question that they might have, some of which they may not think about when they are being informed of the treatment plan. It will also give them an opportunity to read at their own leisure and absorb and understand the information better. The leaflet also directs them to other websites for further information and also a contact number for the Nutrition Team Nurse. Feedback from parents was collected to inform the design process of the leaflet.


Conclusion: Production of a very useful information leaflet for parents / carers, containing all the relevant information and detail. The leaflet uses colour and pictures to aid the transfer of information and makes it more attractive to read. The pharmacist is the main point of contact for the paediatric nutrition team and will be the individual responsible for distributing them.

Challenges and learning

Keep it simple and engage patients / carers earlier in process.

Quality assurance/MHRA registration

Reviewed and updated periodically (not defined). Presented at NPPG conference 2015

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