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Respiratory Futures

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Respiratory Futures is a new focal point for the UK respiratory community building on the findings of the Respiratory Alliance and reaching across the traditional boundaries of primary and secondary care. An independent network comprising stakeholders from the public and private sectors, we’re bringing people together to respond to the challenges and realise the opportunities our sector faces. A virtual, first port of call for respiratory disease information, taking the role of the honest and supportive broker, facilitating innovative project partnerships.

  • Advancing the goals of high quality clinically–led respiratory care

  • To find answers and share ideas

  • To network with other professionals or engage with new institutions

  • To celebrate successes or discuss key issues.


Respiratory Futures is a place for people in the respiratory sector come together: to find answers and share ideas; to network with other professionals or engage with new institutions; and to celebrate successes or discuss key issues. We host debates on some of the most pressing contemporary issues. We’re building an extensive knowledge portal of key resources from diverse sources updated continually. There is considerable demand for easily accessible information, from research papers and commissioned case studies to reports and surveys. In response, we are building this portal as a central point of access to a wide range of legacy, current and curated respiratory assets tagged by cross-cutting and disease-related search tags.  We share the latest developments on exciting projects and research. And we help to connect professionals and organisations across the UK and beyond, making use of social media to break down boundaries.


Access to the tool has been shared widely with people working in the respiratory sector, primary care and those seeking to commission improved respiratory services through Strategic Clinical Networks, NHSIQ and Asthma UK.

Suggestions for further implementation

Possibly, it’s too early in its development to comment at present.

Challenges and learning


Quality assurance/MHRA registration

Endorsed by the BTS and NHS England.