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Side effects from medicines - information for children and young people

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Evidence that children’s and young people’s information needs were not being adequately addressed in the aftermath of a suspected adverse drug reaction.


To enhance communication between children and health practitioners when a side-effect from a medicine is suspected. 


The leaflets aim to empower children and young people to ask questions about side effects. One version of the leaflet for younger children includes brief stories about other children who have had suspected side-effects from medicines. This format was intended to be child friendly  and engaging.


The leaflets have undergone several cycles of review .  

Suggestions for further implementation

To make the leaflets more child friendly and engaging. 

Challenges and learning

More focus on how to ensure uptake of the leaflets in practice.

Quality assurance/MHRA registration

Review as part of an in depth NIHR research study. The leaflets have also been approved by Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.