What's your Meds IQ?

What's your Meds IQ?

Take our short quiz and discover your Meds IQ. The results may surprise you!

Which of these groups are more likely to be harmed by a medication error?



What is the rate of error on inpatient paediatric prescription charts?




What is the commonest type of medication error in children?

Dose error

Wrong drug

Wrong route

True or false? There is a national system for reporting paediatric medication error



Why are children more at risk of harm from medication error?

Doses need to be calculated for each child on an individual basis (e.g. by weight)

Drugs come in many concentrations and may require dilution to acquire the correct dose

Significant variations in patient weights in a single healthcare setting make calculation and administration errors more likely

Many drugs are prescribed off-label

Children may not be able to tell us if there is a mistake with their usual medication

As children grow their physiology changes which may cause increased sensitivity or toxicity to a previously tolerated dose


All true

There's work to be done!

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